Letter from the Chairmen

The well-established field of optical fibers has recently experienced a revival triggered by the demonstration of fibers based on innovative structures and/or materials. These advances enabled the realization of waveguides with unprecedented characteristics and opened up new research and application areas. Nevertheless, the number of meetings totally dedicated to these specialty fibers (and that include all varieties of specialty fibers) is still relatively low. As progress in the field necessarily involves the joint effort of researchers working in different development stages (i.e. fiber design, fabrication, characterization, and application), meetings of such kind are extremely important and may facilitate the build up of collaborative networks.

The main goal of the 1st Workshop on Specialty Optical Fibers and their Applications (WSOF 2008) is, thus, to be a forum in which the specialty optical fiber community can meet and discuss new research developments and directions. It is our desire that in WSOF 2008 we can:

(a) listen to some of the world leaders in the specialty fiber field in plenary and invited talks, and in a tutorial session;

(b) discuss the new trends in the specialty optical fibers field, including the design, fabrication, characterization and application of fibers comprising novel or unconventional designs and/or materials;

(c) bring together researchers, students, and companies working and/or interested in the different aspects of the specialty optical fibers field, hopefully inducing the creation of new collaboration networks.

In this first edition of the Workshop, the choice of the organizing committee and of invited speakers gives emphasis to the work done in Ibero-American countries (i.e. Spain, Portugal and Latin America), where several research groups start to emerge but with little connection to one another. Nevertheless, the participation of researchers working all over the world is not only welcome but also encouraged. In addition to the plenary and invited papers, contributed papers will be selected for oral and poster presentations.

In order to stimulate close and constant contact among the Workshop participants, the three-days event will take place in a quiet (albeit full of entertainment options) countryside resort in the small town of São Pedro, in the State of São Paulo, Brazil. The Hotel Fazenda Fonte Colina Verde is full of entertainment options for adults and children and, thus, bringing your family is highly recommended. We hope technical (and not so technical) discussions triggered by the Workshop will extend beyond the technical sessions and take place, e.g., by the pool, in live-music happy hours or during a football match or horse ride.

We hope to see you all in São Pedro this August,


Christiano J. S. de Matos and Cristiano M. B. Cordeiro.
WSOF 2008 Chairmen